Marble Floor Polishing

It’s fairly well known that newly installed, marble floors have a reflective finish that responds to the light in any room with a very special and elegant luster. Both the natural progression of time and frequent foot traffic can cause this glow to dim over the years, and what was previously spectacular can grow cloudy and covered with small blemishes or scratches. The master craftsman at Bastelli Marble & Granite can carefully polish a dulled marble floor, restoring it to a state of former beauty. Our meticulous restoration takes marble revitalization a step further to remove signs of more serious wear and tear such as tiny chips, deeper scratches and worn patches.

Our marble restoration knowledge and skill allows us to apply these services to more than just flooring – nearly every natural stone surface in your home or business is capable of restoration, including counter tops, marble tiles in the bathroom and various other architectural details in heritage homes, such as staircases and pillars. Our custom repair work delivers a final result that is sure to exceed your expectations.

Call our marble floor polishing and restoration experts today at 732-921-7537. Our wealth of experience with fine stone will have your home looking its most luxurious in no time.