Granite Polishing

Granite is a premium and highly coveted stone material for kitchen countertops, tile floors and decorative details around the home. Rough cut or polished, homeowners love it for its sophisticated, elegant, and dynamic appearance. Installed and sealed correctly, granite countertops can last up to 15 years before they need restoration. But eventually, wear and tear can result in a dulled surface with small chips and scratches compromising the stone’s integrity.

The experienced granite polishing and granite restoration service by the expert team at Bastelli Marble & Granite may spare you the considerable expense of replacing your granite surfaces in their entirety. Granite refinishing and restoration involves carefully sanding the fine surface, filling cracks with epoxy and ground up chips of granite, and sealing the surface with just the right silicon-based products. Polishing requires a high quality, specialized polishing compound and buffing pad to bring the granite countertop to a gorgeous finish. Because such unique equipment is needed to complete the task, granite polishing or granite restoration is not a do-it-yourself project – so call the granite experts at Bastelli today at 732-921-7537 for a detailed quote, or to answer any questions you may have.